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Sep 14, 2018  

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Ryders Hayes School row - Bosses 'should pay for uniforms if they insist on branded clothes', say parents

"I’ve seen dress and appearance become a huge distraction and stresser in schools and it’s not why children and teachers are there! "There is no evidence a uniform positively impacts on children’s learning or development and learning to adhere to rules and boundaries occur at nursery in one's own clothes?! "Sending children home because they don’t have the right colour shoes on! "Loss of even one day of education is scandalous and for a punitive reason, bearing in mind some kids don’t have choices of footwear for lots of reasons. "I think asking parents to purchase non-branded dresses, trousers, woolies etc is perfectly adequate." Children in Ryders Hayes school uniform (Image: Tammy Fulford) "When I was at school, you bought school clothes from anywhere" Chris Parkes said: "£6 for pair of trousers, £24 because of pathetic school logo? "£6 for a jumper, £20 because of a pathetic school logo. "When I was at school, you bought school clothes from anywhere. Just sewed on a school badge on blazer and bought the school tie. "Should go back to this. Not this only one rip off supplier and logo on everything, just so can fleece you." Jasmine Jasie added: "School uniform can be brought from Asda at a fraction of the price compared to a uniform shop. "It seems like the schools are forcing parents to buy from these rip off uniform shops.

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